‘Militants Wanted to Make Fortress of Aleppo and Got a Thorn in Their Eye’- Aleppo Governor

The governor of Aleppo, Diyab Hussein told Sputnik Arabic that work on restoring the road that leads to the international airport has started after the Syrian Army liberated the nearby area from terrorists.

“We have started work to restore the road to the international airport. This became possible after the Syrian Army took control of the area around the airport,” Hussein said.

According to the governor, all repair services are working around the clock for a speedy restoration of what was destroyed by the terrorists in Aleppo. The debris is being cleared and the infrastructure is being restored. The governor further said, “Special attention in the work will be given to reestablishment of the educational sector and medical and social support for families who were affected by terrorism.” He also said that the “militants and their supporters wanted to make a fortress of Aleppo and got a thorn in their eye,” the governor concluded. The battle for Aleppo, one of the largest cities in the country, has become a key for the outcome of the deadly Syrian conflict which has claimed more than 400 thousand lives and left millions displaced.