Secularizing Syria

November 27, 2016

Nedal Naisseh

Exclusive Alamia News  
The Grand Mufti of Syria was proudly boasting when he declared that: “We have 26.500 mosques in Syria”, as a great achievement  of the Syrian Ba’athist regime. In fact, that is an awful and a horrible number for a country of Syria’s area, which is 185 square km, forming 14 provinces, which means that each province has approximately 2000 mosques, knowing that the  total population is  of about 23 million people. You will be shocked if you know that a city like Cairo, of about 25 million people, has 1000 minarets, as Muslim Clergymen usually chant when they refer to Egyptian Capital, once the center of the Fatimid Caliphate.

That horrible statement by the Syrian Grand Mufti, may arouse no single fear in an overwhelmingly one-doctrine Islamic State like Indonesia,  Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Saudia Arabia and all the likes,  but in a country like Syria, where, nearly, half of its population are of other enlightened, and non-Muslim minorities such as Alawites, Druz, Ishmaelite, Christians, Jews (most of them have left the country), Assyrians, Izidists, Sabeans, Armenians, …etc one must stop for a long time and think about the horrendous outcomes and consequences of such a fact.

Most of these mosques were run, preached and attended by radical Islamists, mostly indoctrinated and  absorbed by radical extremist and terrorist Wahhabi school of Saudia, who were doing nothing, as it was revealed later, but preparing for the on-going sixth-year civil war on Syria against enlightened minorities, and the semi-secular regime, which were all subjects to mass massacres and savagely targeted by Wahhabi gangs, (Syrian rebels according to Western media), who were preached inside those mosques to kill each other Syrian who is non-Wahhabi, simply because they are the enemies of God and His prophet Mohamad. One million, out of total two million Christians were displaced and fled Syria as a direct catastrophic result of the Wahhabi invasion and hatred speech, while more than 100.000 Syrian government Army soldiers and officers were killed by the radical Islamist Jihadists, according to Sharif Shihada, a Syrian MP, who was speaking openly on Al Jazeera in 2013.  The Jihadists reject, of course, any form of secular regime, government or non-Islamic law, and all those who are involved in earthly ways of life are subject to “legal” liquidation and revenge.  99.99% of the rebellion factions have Islamic names and raise Islamic banners and slogans which concentrate on establishing an Islamic State “caliphate” in Syria, at first and to move towards the whole world later, and rule people through imposing Sharia (Islamic Severe Law).

99.99% of the Jihadist mercenary-terrorists fighting in Syria were “graduated from, and absorbed by Wahhabi radical schools and teachings inside  those mosques the official Syrian Mufti was boasting. In fact those mosques were state-run and financed ones. This is the gloomy scene in times of war, but what about these of peace?

Syrian semi-Islamist constitution adopt Sharia, indirectly, when it states in its articles 2&3 that Syria is an Islamic state which imports its Laws from Sharia. To add insult to injury, the same constitution states that the religion of the president of the republic should, strictly, be Muslim (it implicitly means a Sunni Muslim: a problematic item which ignited a limited civil war, led by Muslim Brotherhood Group,  in the seventies of last century against late president Hafez Al Assad, leaving also tens of thousands of casualties.

The destructive and aggressive nature of these items  badly influence non-Muslim people in their basic human rights and deprive them also from political rights to  run for presidency, imposing on non-Muslims a religious and racial, but lawful, discrimination against them which will create an inevitable social clashes and pave the way for more deadly civil wars and wider turmoil when feeling as a second hand citizen who has lower degree than his fellow “Sunni” citizen.

After all, the Syrian official and statehood Mufti, should not boast such filthy achievement but rather apologize for bringing up ISIS terrorists in state’s sponsored “farms” and terror factories, known as mosques.

Campaigning towards having a secular state and a modern civil constitution is more than a necessity to protect all minorities, and may be the whole world, from an inevitable black destiny if these radical gangs and groups were allowed to have their primitive middle ages obscurantist closed theocratic   Caliphate State on the ground, where and before all the enlightened minorities and the “fruits of the  ME” will, completely, disappear from existence for ever.