Rouhani: The United States and the West have played no role in defeating terrorism

Iranian President Hassan Rowhani said that Western countries were seeking to create a terrorist organization and provide various support to the region and to ignite strife and bloody wars.
“Despite the propaganda promoted by the United States and the West on the fight against the terrorist organization, they did not play any role in defeating terrorism, but they did some bombing,” IRNA quoted Rohani as saying during his meeting with tribal and tribal leaders in Baghdad. Sites not out of the framework of review procedures “.
He pointed out that the people of the region, through resistance and steadfastness, managed to thwart this plot and defeat terrorism, expressing Iran’s pride in standing by them and calling for strengthening unity and cohesion among the peoples of the region in order to confront the threats.
Rowhani said terrorism had not been completely eradicated and that America was drawing up new plans for the region and was working to transport terrorists to the rest of the region, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Afghanistan.
The Iranian president, who arrived in Baghdad yesterday at the head of a high political and economic delegation, and his Iraqi counterpart Barham Salih stressed at a joint press conference the continued cooperation between Tehran and Baghdad in the fight against terrorism and the importance of strengthening bilateral relations in various fields.

Source: News Agencies