Russian-Turkish maneuvers begin in the Black Sea

Black Sea Fleet ships in the Russian Federation have conducted joint exercises with Turkish navy vessels, Black Sea Fleet Information Director Alexei Rolf said on Friday.
“A crew of two ships from the Novorossiysk military base of the Black Sea Fleet, a patrol vessel Vasily Petkov and a naval destroyer, Valentin Bicol, conducted joint Turkish-Russian exercises under the title of Basix with the ship crew,” said Rolf.
Rollef noted that training was conducted to pass through mined areas and through barbed wire.
The frigate “Borjazada” and the Turkish Akshay minesweeper landed in the Russian port of Novorossiysk on the 6th of this month as part of the Turkish “Blue Home 2019″ maneuvers in the Black Sea.
Two vessels belonging to the Turkish naval forces – the “Corvette” Borghazadeh and the Akshay minesweeper – arrived in the Russian port of Novorossiysk on Monday. As part of their participation in the exercises conducted by the command of the Turkish Navy under the title “Blue House – 2019″.
The head of the information department led by the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Lt. Col. Alexei Rollov, said: “The Turkish fire engines,” Borgazadeh “and the” Akshay “minesweeper, paid a working visit to Novorossiysk port as part of their training under the title” “Blue Home”.

Source: News Agencies